This website is based on the upcoming changes of the elabs Rails engine. Everything's not fine, but you can see the changes coming in the next releases.

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  • We use your local storage to save the announces you closed (like this one).
  • We don't save informations you don't give
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  • There is no tracker of any kind.

If you're not OK with this, move your way.

01:46 PM

The CMS used on this website

05:43 PM

I spent some time figuring out why the setup of ExperimentsLabs wasn't going on with an OVH "perso" hosting plan.

10:32 PM

An old PHP port of the Perl Cowsay program. It was made in my early dev years and it should stay there as is. I won't merge any pull requests, but you are welcome to fork and play.I don't remember of the PHP version, all I know now, is that `Function ereg

10:45 PM
Project "Cowsays - PHP" has been updated
09:20 PM

When I tried to get this website working, the server running PHP5.4 threw me this error: Can't use method return value in write context.

09:18 AM

This post is mainly an aggregation of ressources found there and there on the web in order save a MySQL database on a regular time basis, making the dumps available in a network shared folder.

09:18 AM
08:03 AM

This is more a reminder for me, a compilation of links to websites I always forget

11:54 AM

This class is a helper to create Twitter Bootstrap elements. You can find more on Github and see a demo here. The class was created in 2014 and may not be updated anymore.

11:56 AM
Project "TBS" has been updated
12:15 PM
Article "Links found around the web" has been updated
11:27 AM

I recently quit my job as a draftsman for personnal reasons. The next step is to evaluate my abilities in web development / development in general.

11:28 AM
Article "Job switching" has been updated
11:32 AM

Build a Tic Tac Toe Game

11:36 AM

Challenge for FreeCodeCamp using React

03:50 PM
Project "FCC Challenge 9 - Build a Tic Tac Toe Game" has been updated
03:51 PM
Project "FCC CHallenge 13 - Build a Recipe Box" has been updated
03:56 PM
04:07 PM

A cave-like map generator written in JS. There is a small jQuery render function in it too. A demo with params to play with is available on CodePen.

04:09 PM

Challenge for FreeCodeCamp using React

04:19 PM

Vagrant boxes with Github and Heroku integration.

04:19 PM
Project "Zenias" has been updated
12:52 AM

As I have time to work on this website, I planned some changes in the days coming, from the overall design, to the addition of new functionnalities.

12:31 AM

As the last update was about the different languages on user submitted content, it's time to internationalize Elabs, the core.

Here is the beggining of this wonderful journey.

03:57 PM

Site update

Reflected the last changes made:

  • Language support
  • Full French translation
  • Notes module (255ch. texts)
  • Integrated PHPUnit tests
  • Integrated Code coverage
  • Bug corrections