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Following VueX Modulator - Part 1: generating VueX modules (en)

I tested the "modulator" on a Nativescript-vue application and it works well. Use it like this:

// app/store.js

import Vue from 'nativescript-vue'
import Vuex from 'vuex'

import Modulator from './modulator'


export default new Vuex.Store({
  state: {},
  modules: {
    users: Modulator.generateModule('users', 'user', 'users', false, false),
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This article will be a step by step explanation of the creation of a VueX module generator. Other articles will follow concerning a data dispatcher and the usage of all this with Nativescript-Vue

06:49 AM

Elabs engine has been updated with a simple notification system, user avatars and small improvements. Join the project !

04:03 PM

ExperimentsLabs is going Rails !

The new version is going to be a Rails engine. A pre-release version is already available if you want to test it.

07:57 PM

Counter caches are really useful to keep a track of the amount of related data a given record has. Unfortunately, it's a delicate setup for has_and_belongs_to_many relations

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Project "VueJS - Calendar components" has been updated.
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Project "VueJS Elabs libraries" has been updated.
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  • Language: English
  • License: MIT
  • Published on: 22 Nov 2017 08:38 AM
  • SFW:
  • Tags: npm VueJS
  • Albums: Not in an album

Collection of small pieces of code created for VueJS projects. This is a work in progress, the different pieces are tied together.

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Project "JS map generation" has been updated.
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Project "FCC Challenge 15 - Roguelike dungeon crawler" has been updated.
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  • Language: English
  • License: MIT
  • Published on: 13 Nov 2017 11:14 PM
  • SFW:
  • Tags: VueJS
  • Albums: Not in an album

Calendar components for VueJS 2; Work in progress for now

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Create a PDF file from resized images:

for file in *.png; do convert $file -resize 600 "imgtemp-$file"; done && convert imgtemp-*.png all_pngs.pdf && rm imgtemp-*.png
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Article "Git - Niveau 2" has been updated.
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Cours GIT : révision des commandes de base; Principe de git flow et hooks

04:44 PM

Cours préparés

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A new Userstyle hightlighting GAFA links has been created from the Firefox addon Gafalink, by Baptiste Gelez, for users of other browsers

User style

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Project "Chatiments" has been updated.
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Article "About the net neutrality..." has been updated.