This website is based on the develop branch of the elabs CMS. Everything's not fine, but you can see the changes coming in the next releases.
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This content might not be appropriate for every situation.
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I feel directly concerned with the Net Neutrality being endangered in the USA. Even if i'm in France, that would make an example for other countries. I don't want that.

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I was working on a project and needed to create some documentation for the CSS used in the app. I created a custom directive to render the content of a VueJS component in plain text (template only).

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Je suis tombé sur le cas ou je devais récupérer un élément d'une table aléatoirement, basé sur des préférences utilisateur.

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Site update (v0.1.0)

  • Updated this site to elabs 0.1.0
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After a year of night development, the first version is out.

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