This website is based on the upcoming changes of the elabs Rails engine. Everything's not fine, but you can see the changes coming in the next releases.

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If you have issues with the KDE menu / KRunner items (items not appearing, wrong targets on .desktop entries, ...), you can try to rebuild the cache by running kbuildsycoca5 as an user.

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Small app to compute volumes of liquids to use in e-liquids mixes.

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La recherche du mieux est toujours triburaire des bien, super, ok. que l'on se rappelle lorsqu'on est seuls.

Vivre dans un monde idéal, au moins dans sa tête.

Ne plus sortir. Fuir.

Cacher son interieur.

Limiter les dégâts.

Se diluer.



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After testing Vuex(3.0.1) in a Nativescript-vue (2.0) app I noticed that when using ModalViews or ListViews, $store is not available in the list items components or modal component. For now, use a StackLayout for lists and I pass the $store as a prop to the ModalView:

<!-- Instead of a ListView -->
<StackLayout class="list-group">
  <MyComponent v-for="item in items" :item="item" :key="" class="list-group-item"/>

In MyComponent, the method to open the modal is like:

import ItemForm from '../forms/ItemForm'

export default {
  name: 'MyComponent',
  props: {
    item: { required: true, type: Object },
  methods: {
    openForm () {
      const props = {item: this.item, store: this.$store} // props for ItemForm
      this.$showModal(ItemForm, { props })                // Show ItemForm as a ModalView
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Elabs engine has been updated with an announcement system and a totally new UI.

Updating to this version breaks the original style and layout.

Join the project !

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A small tool to visually sort files in folders.

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Project "Chatiments" has been updated
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Le développement de "Chatiments" ("TheGame", pour les ancien.nes) a repris, un peu.

Étant allé trop loin en terme de fonctionnalités pour la version précédente, nous avons repris à zéro, en ne gardant que la base: les gages.

Vous pouvez déjà aller voir ce qui est en ligne

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Project "Licenses fonticon" has been updated Add sample image to description
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Big libraries as FontAwesome or Glyphicons are all missing icons to represent licenses.

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Elabs engine has been updated with a shortcodes system, slugs, RSS feeds and small improvements. Join the project !

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Following VueX Modulator - Part 1: generating VueX modules (en)

I tested the "modulator" on a Nativescript-vue application and it works well. Use it like this:

// app/store.js

import Vue from 'nativescript-vue'
import Vuex from 'vuex'

import Modulator from './modulator'


export default new Vuex.Store({
  state: {},
  modules: {
    users: Modulator.generateModule('users', 'user', 'users', false, false),
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Note "27 Sep 2018 04:31 PM" has been removed from publication
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This article will be a step by step explanation of the creation of a VueX module generator. Other articles will follow concerning a data dispatcher and the usage of all this with Nativescript-Vue

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Elabs engine has been updated with a simple notification system, user avatars and small improvements. Join the project !

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ExperimentsLabs is going Rails !

The new version is going to be a Rails engine. A pre-release version is already available if you want to test it.

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Counter caches are really useful to keep a track of the amount of related data a given record has. Unfortunately, it's a delicate setup for has_and_belongs_to_many relations

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Development suspended, I have not that much time for now, but i'll be back on it :)

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Project "VueJS - Calendar components" has been updated
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Project "VueJS Elabs libraries" has been updated