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If you're not OK with this, move your way.

As I have time to work on this website, I planned some changes in the days coming, from the overall design, to the addition of new functionnalities.


  • 07/25/2016

    • Added localization for articles, projects and files: now authors can specify the language of their content, wich is then specified in the tags of the pages (lang attribute).
    • Added breadcrumbs in the layouts
    • Small fixes/improvements
  • 07/19/2016

    • Switched from Material to Bootflat. Material was on for almost a year now, it was time to change.
    • Created a CakePHP helper to display ascii art on the error pages. It is based on the cowsay-php old project (project page here, and github)
    • Added the repo to Travis CI and updated it to pass the first tests (CakePHP coding conventions, not a so big deal)


  • Preview support for all the articles/files/projects, because publishing to preview is not a solution
  • Tags
  • "File manager" to add files from here in the content description easily
  • Lightbox support for content and lists
  • Fix some bugs as soon as I see them
  • Write some tests
  • ...

Stay around if you're interested ! (and don't forget the github repository !)

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