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Elabs engine has been updated with a simple notification system, user avatars and small improvements. Join the project !


  • User model:

    • new admins scope to find all admins
    • new display_name method to return the real name or username as fallback
    • Experimental avatar support (ActiveStorage attachment avatar). NOTE that there are issues with uploads validation (ActiveStorage validations are not supported for now), leading to the uploaded file being saved even if validation fails. To prevent this, the attached file is deleted on failure, resulting on avatar suppression.To disable avatar support, set Elabs::use_avatars to false in the initializer.
  • Notifications:

    • MVC for simple notification system
    • Updated reports/comments to use notifications on save. Updated admin actions as "lock", "unlock", "delete" to notify the authors
    • New NotifiableEntity concern for content models
  • Misc:

    • Date helper: new short_date(date) method


  • Views:
    • members/layout/_empty: button to create content is now optional
    • Updated views to use user.display_name when needed
    • License icon is now a balance-scale icon
    • Short dates
    • Separators between information types on "show" views
    • Reordered menus
  • ActableEntity concern: moved current_publish_action, current_lock_action and current_update_action to the ContentEntity concern, as they are now shared between "actable" and "notifiable" concerns


  • Factorized some helper methods from "admin_content_helper" and "member_content_helper" in "content_helper"
  • Methods for public controllers are now in a ElabsPublicController. All custom public controller should extend this new controller instead of ElabsApplicationController
  • Improved xxx_selector methods to be able to specify the field name and the multiple select variant.


  • Fixed current_publish_action and current_lock_action: they now return :nothing if content is already unpublished or locked.
  • Sort order in public views for users, tags, languages and licenses

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