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Elabs engine has been updated with a shortcodes system, slugs, RSS feeds and small improvements. Join the project !


  • RSS feeds for content and activity
  • Added sources_url and docs_url fields in projects
  • Support for shortcodes:
    • In Elabs:
      • [<content>:<id>] displays a link with an icon to the specified content,
      • [<content>-card:<id>] displays a card of the specified content
      • [user:<id>], [user-card:<id>] displays link with icon or a card for the specified user
    • Gitlab instances (Only https, public data are handled for now.):
      • [gitlab-repo:<url>], will display a link with an icon to the repository
      • [gitlab-repo-card:<url>] displays a card for a repository
      • [gitlab-user-card:<url>] displays a card for a gitlab user
      • [gitlab-group-card:<url>] displays a card for a gitlab user
    • Github:
      • [github-repo:<username/repo>], displays a link with an icon to the repository
      • [github-repo-card:<username/repo>] displays a card for a repository
      • [github-user-card:<username>] displays a card for a github user
  • Added a with_format helper method to render a partial of a different format in a view (i.e.: with_format(:html){ markdown 'content' } in a json view.
  • Added a colored_good_or_bad_icon_tag that colors the icon depending on its value.
  • Added classes for text based on the list of color variant. is-<variant> colors the text with the background-color defined in $variants-list
  • Added ability to save content specifying a reason for the edition. This reason will be saved in the corresponding act.
  • Added ability to save content specifying the modification as "minor". No act will be created in this case.
  • Slug support added. This is a breaking change as it will change all the links in the site. The following entities are now slugged:
    • languages/licenses/tags/users classifiers and their nested resources (i.e: /languages/en/projects)
    • albums/articles/notes/projects/uploads and projects nested resources
  • Customized datetime formats were added. Sadly, it' in yml files located in config/locales/<lng>.yml until we can export this to gettext.


  • Markdown is now rendered with gem commonmarker. Markdown-it has been removed, so content previews are done with an ajax request
  • boolean_icon_tag() now takes two additional parameters:
    • false_class: additional CSS class when value is false. Default is nil
    • true_class: additional CSS class when value is true. Default is nil


  • Elabs::ActsHelper.act_notice_string now have a second parameter, include_link. Default is true; set it to false to generate activity notice strings without link in it.
  • Admin/member indexes: disabled "Show online" links when content is not publicly visible.
  • Improved thumbnails generation methods with a new thumbnail_center_crop(document, size) which will return the URL for processed document.
  • Avatar and thumbnails possible dimensions are now THUMBNAILS_DIMENSIONS and AVATAR_DIMENSIONS module constants.
  • User cards are now larger and content is condensed on one line.
  • Member and admin indexes now have colored status icons
  • Visual enhancements:
    • rendered content have more space between sections; titles are more contrasted
    • cards are more contrasted
    • actions zones in forms are now standing out
    • tabs for related content now have the count of related items in them
    • .field classes now have a top margin, resulting in more airy forms
  • short_date helper method now displays a ... date.
  • medium_datetime helper method has been created to display a short datetime with the year in it.



  • The permalink icon was missing on notes cards

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