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I recently quit my job as a draftsman for personnal reasons. The next step is to evaluate my abilities in web development / development in general.

I discovered FreeCodeCamp, an opensource project providing exercises and challenges, wich leads to certifications...

I registered immediately and here is what I can see:

  • There are 3 big axes: Frontend, Data visualisation and Backend projects.
  • The Frontend Certification gives the user a good approach of HTML/CSS/JS with the use of Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery mainly, plus a bunch of algorithmic problems. Done
  • The DataViz Certification is a big jump for me : a brutal introduction to React and d3, two JS things... A big step for a JS hater like me.
  • I can't tell more about the DataViz and Backend certifications as i'm not done with them yet.

The main principle of FreeCodeCamp is to share knowledge, so there are a lot of Gitter rooms and a forum, federating all the users, making them speak together and help each other, with a system of reward points.

So i'll link the challenges worth looking at in my projects here...

And i'm now looking for a job :)

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