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Fed up of searching for document examples?

Set of Application templates used to bootstrap projects.

Tool to compare two websites with screenshots diff.

Small app to compute volumes of liquids to use in e-liquids mixes.

A small tool to visually sort files in folders.

Big libraries as FontAwesome or Glyphicons are all missing icons to represent licenses.

Collection of small pieces of code created for VueJS projects. This is a work in progress, the different pieces are tied together.

Calendar components for VueJS 2; Work in progress for now

Vagrant boxes with Github and Heroku integration.

Challenge for FreeCodeCamp using React

A cave-like map generator written in JS. There is a small jQuery render function in it too. A demo with params to play with is available on CodePen.

Challenge for FreeCodeCamp using React

Build a Tic Tac Toe Game

This class is a helper to create Twitter Bootstrap elements. You can find more on Github and see a demo here. The class was created in 2014 and may not be updated anymore.

An old PHP port of the Perl Cowsay program. It was made in my early dev years and it should stay there as is. I won't merge any pull requests, but you are welcome to fork and play.I don't remember of the PHP version, all I know now, is that `Function ereg

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