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Git - Niveau 2

Cours GIT : révision des commandes de base; Principe de git flow et hooks

About the net neutrality...

  •  Author: administrator
  •  Published on: 7/12/17, 9:53 PM
  •  Updated on: 7/12/17, 9:56 PM
  •  Tags: EFF

I feel directly concerned with the Net Neutrality being endangered in the USA. Even if i'm in France, that would make an example for other countries. I don't want that.

Use VueJS to create a CSS style sheatsheet

  •  Author: administrator
  •  Published on: 7/9/17, 3:58 PM
  •  Updated on: 7/9/17, 9:07 PM
  •  Tags: VueJS

I was working on a project and needed to create some documentation for the CSS used in the app. I created a custom directive to render the content of a VueJS component in plain text (template only).

Selection aléatoire pondérée

Je suis tombé sur le cas ou je devais récupérer un élément d'une table aléatoirement, basé sur des préférences utilisateur.

Elabs v0.1.0 is out

After a year of night development, the first version is out.

Note: Installing Eric6 (Python editor) for windows

  •  Author: administrator
  •  Published on: 10/31/16, 6:51 PM
  •  Tags: No tags

Eric is a Python IDE. Here are the steps that made me successfully install it on a windows 10 computer.


Introduction à l'algorithmie avec quelques exemples et exercices...

Introduction à Linux

Cette introduction est une synthèse des cours de l'IMIE, destinés à la découverte de Linux. Ce cours n'est certainement pas complet, mais j'ai essayé d'en garder le maximum.

Elle se base sur une Debian 8.5.

Notes de cours - VirtualBox et Debian 8.5

Notes de cours de l'IMIE autours de la configuration d'une Debian 8.5 en machine virtuelle : addons invité et dossiers partagés. Cet article est un essai et peut être incomplet. N'hésitez pas à chercher un peu plus sur internet...

Elabs dev - Starting internationalization

  •  Author: administrator
  •  Published on: 7/29/16, 12:42 AM
  •  Updated on: 8/28/16, 8:45 PM
  •  Project: Elabs CMS
  •  Tags: No tags

As the last update was about the different languages on user submitted content, it's time to internationalize Elabs, the core.

Here is the beggining of this wonderful journey.

Elabs dev - July: Updates are coming

  •  Author: administrator
  •  Published on: 7/19/16, 12:52 AM
  •  Updated on: 8/28/16, 8:45 PM
  •  Project: Elabs CMS
  •  Tags: No tags

As I have time to work on this website, I planned some changes in the days coming, from the overall design, to the addition of new functionnalities.

Job switching

  •  Author: administrator
  •  Published on: 6/11/16, 11:28 AM
  •  Tags: No tags

I recently quit my job as a draftsman for personnal reasons. The next step is to evaluate my abilities in web development / development in general.

Links found around the web

  •  Author: administrator
  •  Published on: 4/20/16, 12:15 PM
  •  Tags: No tags

This is more a reminder for me, a compilation of links to websites I always forget

Create dumps of MySQL server on a RaspberryPi

  •  Author: administrator
  •  Published on: 12/17/15, 9:18 AM
  •  Tags: No tags

This post is mainly an aggregation of ressources found there and there on the web in order save a MySQL database on a regular time basis, making the dumps available in a network shared folder.

PHP : benchmarking empty() and negation (!)

  •  Author: administrator
  •  Published on: 11/18/15, 10:06 PM
  •  Updated on: 8/23/16, 6:27 PM
  •  Tags: No tags

When I tried to get this website working, the server running PHP5.4 threw me this error: Can't use method return value in write context.

How to make CakePHP 3.x run on OVH

  •  Author: administrator
  •  Published on:
  •  Updated on: 11/14/15, 5:43 PM
  •  Tags: No tags

I spent some time figuring out why the setup of ExperimentsLabs wasn't going on with an OVH "perso" hosting plan.

A new Userstyle hightlighting GAFA links has been created from the Firefox addon Gafalink, by Baptiste Gelez, for users of other browsers

User style

Site update (v0.1.0)

  • Updated this site to elabs 0.1.0

Site update(c31b499)

  • Set up an album system to group files together
  • Updated to CakePHP 3.3.9
  • Various fixes

Flash info : Nearly a month working with Laravel after work... And my first spam on the site.

New gist : Battleship game in C Game made as training exercise : Sources on Github. Linux only.

Site update(98da9c1):

  • Added comments system (comments are not public, only the author of a commented item can see them.)
  • Cleaned up Sass files and added an

Site update (222db47):

  • Created a simple toolbar for the CodeMirror fields
  • Added a preview mode for CodeMirror fields

Site update (fe0797f)

  • Minor fixes
  • Linked files/notes/posts to projects

Site update (6c32082):

  • Updated user preferences
  • Fixed an issue with old preferences.

Site update

Reflected the last changes made:

  • Language support
  • Full French translation
  • Notes module (255ch. texts)
  • Integrated PHPUnit tests
  • Integrated Code coverage
  • Bug corrections


  •  Manager: administrator
  •  Created on: 11/7/17, 4:44 PM
  •  Updated on: 11/7/17, 4:44 PM
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Cours préparés

Cours de formation Dev. logiciel - niv. Bac+2

  •  Manager: administrator
  •  Created on: 8/28/16, 8:44 PM
  •  Updated on: 8/28/16, 8:50 PM
  •  Tags: No tags

Synthèses de cours de suivis à l'IMIE durant la formation "Développeur Logiciel" (niv. bac+2).Ces synthèses peuvent être incomplètes comparées à un "vrai cours".

FCC CHallenge 13 - Build a Recipe Box

  •  Manager: administrator
  •  Created on: 6/11/16, 11:36 AM
  •  Updated on: 6/12/16, 3:51 PM
  •  Tags: No tags

Challenge for FreeCodeCamp using React

Screenshot-2017-11-14 FCC CHallenge 15 - Build a D

Screenshot of the current version of the Dungeon Crawler


Script rendering of the v-block-to-code directive


Admin workspace Content management


User workspace User preferences


User workspace Content management


Error messages ... Using cowsay...


Tag support Nothing special here...


License support Assign licenses to content


Public view: Item relations Tabbed item relations


Public view: Home timeline A timeline of the last site additions/editions


  •  Author: administrator
  •  Added on: 12/15/16, 9:37 AM
  •  Updated on: 3/14/17, 4:14 PM
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Proposition d'organisation pour de nouveaux projets web.

Note d'Olivier Sazos:

A côté de l'environnement de "production", il peut être utile d'avoir un environnement "staging", protégé à l'accès et correspondant à la branche de développement pour que le client ou les partenaires puisse voir les évolutions du projet sans avoir à installer l'environnement de developpement.