After a year of night development, the first version is out.

This is a big day for me, i'm happy to announce the first version of this CMS. It's not as polished and smooth as it could be but here are the few working things:

  • User management
  • Administration section
  • User section to
    • Manage albums (groups of files)
    • Manage files (images, text, video, sounds)
    • Manage notes (short texts)
    • Manage posts (articles)
    • Manage projects (a project can have related albums, files, notes and posts)
  • "Safe For Work" state for the above items
  • Tagging system
  • Content reporting
  • Comments (private only)
  • Internationalization support
  • Licenses support

You can find the release on GitHub.

Many thanks to people who helped me in the #cakephp and cakephp-fr with their tips and remarks.

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