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  •  Name: Elabs CMS
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  •  Created on: 11/14/15, 1:46 PM
  •  Updated on: 1/12/17, 2:08 AM
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The CMS used on this website

Copypasta of the README:

ExperimentsLabs CMS Travis Codecov GitHub license Gitter


CMS for created with CakePHP 3

What is it ?

It's a small website made to make a presentation of projects, files and some articles...

In any case, that's not a modular CMS, with plugins and lot of stuff (as Croogo)

Features in v0.0.1

First notable version with all base features working:

  • User management
  • Administration section
  • User section to
    • Manage albums (groups of files)
    • Manage files (images, text, video, sounds)
    • Manage notes (short texts)
    • Manage posts (articles)
    • Manage projects (a project can have related albums, files, notes and posts)
  • "Safe For Work" state for the above items
  • Tagging system
  • Content reporting
  • Comments (private only)
  • Internationalization support
  • Licenses support

Last 6 elements added to project

 Some entries may be hidden, depending on your NSFW settings.

Elabs v0.1.0 is out

After a year of night development, the first version is out.

Elabs dev - Starting internationalization

As the last update was about the different languages on user submitted content, it's time to internationalize Elabs, the core.

Here is the beggining of this wonderful journey.

Elabs dev - July: Updates are coming

As I have time to work on this website, I planned some changes in the days coming, from the overall design, to the addition of new functionnalities.

Site update (v0.1.0)

  • Updated this site to elabs 0.1.0

Site update(c31b499)

  • Set up an album system to group files together
  • Updated to CakePHP 3.3.9
  • Various fixes

Site update(98da9c1):

  • Added comments system (comments are not public, only the author of a commented item can see them.)
  • Cleaned up Sass files and added an

Site update (222db47):

  • Created a simple toolbar for the CodeMirror fields
  • Added a preview mode for CodeMirror fields

Site update (fe0797f)

  • Minor fixes
  • Linked files/notes/posts to projects

Site update (6c32082):

  • Updated user preferences
  • Fixed an issue with old preferences.

Site update

Reflected the last changes made:

  • Language support
  • Full French translation
  • Notes module (255ch. texts)
  • Integrated PHPUnit tests
  • Integrated Code coverage
  • Bug corrections


Admin workspace Content management


User workspace User preferences


User workspace Content management


Error messages ... Using cowsay...


Tag support Nothing special here...


License support Assign licenses to content


Public view: Item relations Tabbed item relations


Public view: Home timeline A timeline of the last site additions/editions

Elabs - v0.1 - Screenshots

Mostly screenshots of the experimentslabs backend for the v0.1

... And 2 more...

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