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Collection of small pieces of code created for VueJS projects. This is a work in progress, the different pieces are tied together.

After almost a year in VueJS development, I tried to put reccurent pieces of code in a npm module, vuejs-elabs-libs.

From the README:

There is no browser support for now, this is meant to be used with webpack.


  • API: An HTTP wrapper tied to VueX to handle loading states and API errors
  • Common: Some basic functions
  • Modeler: Model structure generator to use with the Modulator
  • Modulator: VueX module generator with some base getters/setters
  • Notifier: proxy messaging system. Replace it with your own (as vuex-toast)
  • VueX (modules):
    • AuthModule: JWT Auth module for VueX
    • LoadersModule: handle and manage the app's loading state
    • PageStateModule: handle and manage the page's state


You should use these libraries in your app:

  • VueX
  • VueResource

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