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I used to code for pleasure, and now, I'd like to work in that field. My resume (fr) is available on this website. I'd be happy to discuss, even if it's not for a job !

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Git - Niveau 2

Cours GIT : révision des commandes de base; Principe de git flow et hooks

About the net neutrality...

  •  License:  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  •  Published on: 7/12/17, 9:53 PM
  •  Updated on: 7/12/17, 9:56 PM
  •  Tags: EFF

I feel directly concerned with the Net Neutrality being endangered in the USA. Even if i'm in France, that would make an example for other countries. I don't want that.

Use VueJS to create a CSS style sheatsheet

I was working on a project and needed to create some documentation for the CSS used in the app. I created a custom directive to render the content of a VueJS component in plain text (template only).

Selection aléatoire pondérée

Je suis tombé sur le cas ou je devais récupérer un élément d'une table aléatoirement, basé sur des préférences utilisateur.

Elabs v0.1.0 is out

After a year of night development, the first version is out.

Note: Installing Eric6 (Python editor) for windows

Eric is a Python IDE. Here are the steps that made me successfully install it on a windows 10 computer.

Create a PDF file from resized images:

for file in *.png; do convert $file -resize 600 "imgtemp-$file"; done && convert imgtemp-*.png all_pngs.pdf && rm imgtemp-*.png

A new Userstyle hightlighting GAFA links has been created from the Firefox addon Gafalink, by Baptiste Gelez, for users of other browsers

User style

Site update (v0.1.0)

  • Updated this site to elabs 0.1.0

Site update(c31b499)

  • Set up an album system to group files together
  • Updated to CakePHP 3.3.9
  • Various fixes

Flash info : Nearly a month working with Laravel after work... And my first spam on the site.

New gist : Battleship game in C Game made as training exercise : Sources on Github. Linux only.

VueJS Elabs libraries

  •  License:  MIT
  •  Created on: 11/22/17, 8:38 AM
  •  Updated on: 11/22/17, 8:39 AM
  •  Tags: VueJS and npm

Collection of small pieces of code created for VueJS projects. This is a work in progress, the different pieces are tied together.

VueJS - Calendar components

  •  License:  MIT
  •  Created on: 11/13/17, 11:14 PM
  •  Updated on: 11/13/17, 11:14 PM
  •  Tags: VueJS

Calendar components for VueJS 2; Work in progress for now


  •  License:  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  •  Created on: 11/7/17, 4:44 PM
  •  Updated on: 11/7/17, 4:44 PM
  •  Tags: No tags

Cours préparés

Cours de formation Dev. logiciel - niv. Bac+2

  •  License:  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  •  Created on: 8/28/16, 8:44 PM
  •  Updated on: 8/28/16, 8:50 PM
  •  Tags: No tags

Synthèses de cours de suivis à l'IMIE durant la formation "Développeur Logiciel" (niv. bac+2).Ces synthèses peuvent être incomplètes comparées à un "vrai cours".


  •  License:  MIT
  •  Created on: 6/12/16, 4:19 PM
  •  Updated on: 6/12/16, 4:19 PM
  •  Tags: No tags

Vagrant boxes with Github and Heroku integration.

FCC Challenge 15 - Roguelike dungeon crawler

  •  License:  MIT
  •  Created on: 6/12/16, 4:09 PM
  •  Updated on: 11/14/17, 1:38 AM
  •  Tags: React and Challenge

Challenge for FreeCodeCamp using React

Screenshot-2017-11-14 FCC CHallenge 15 - Build a D

Screenshot of the current version of the Dungeon Crawler


Script rendering of the v-block-to-code directive


Admin workspace Content management


User workspace User preferences


User workspace Content management


Error messages ... Using cowsay...

Elabs - v0.1 - Screenshots

  •  Added on: 1/12/17, 1:37 AM
  •  Updated on: 1/12/17, 1:38 AM
  •  Project: Elabs CMS
  •  Tags: screenshots

Mostly screenshots of the experimentslabs backend for the v0.1

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